Basic landscaping rules

A katsura tree
A katsura tree

To be a successful gardener and landscaper, you must follow some basic landscaping rules.

These cover your landscaping project from its conception, when you figure out exactly what you want, to its realization, when you actually put the right plants in the right places, so as to create a landscape that looks great and thrives.

Five basic landscaping rules

The following rules are not listed in order of importance, as they are all important. They are listed in logical order, from the conception stage to the realization.

  1. Consider your yard and its possibilities. Look at the whole picture. Pay attention to your yard’s features, what you like and don’t like. It’s also a good idea to consider what you like and don’t like about your house, as you can use your landscaping to bring out its good features as well as hide what you don’t want to see. Then try to start imagining a landscape that will fit your yard and your taste. See Landscaping your yard and Lawn and garden decor.
  2. Look around, document yourself and start working on a landscaping plan. We cannot stress enough the importance of actually making a drawing of your landscape on which you will write down everything that you plan to do. It will help you tremendously as you go along. See Landscaping plans.
  3. Consider different ideas before finalizing your plan. There are so many things you can do. And it’s so much simpler to change your plan than to change your landscaping. See Landscaping ideas.
  4. Perhaps the most important of all basic landscaping rules is the following: be pragmatic. Find plants that fit your landscaping plan, i.e. that correspond to your taste (shapes, colors, whether they bloom or not, and so on), but especially to your needs (plant growing conditions, plant height and width). For ideas, see our page on Landscaping plants.
  5. Keep to your plan as much as possible. When you go to nurseries and garden centers, get the plants included in your plan. If you can’t find some of them, look for others that fit the same bill (that correspond to your taste, but that also correspond to your needs). Gardening and landscaping both involve passion, but reason also plays a very important role. So if you fall for a plant that you see at the nursery, just make sure that you can you can fit it in your landscaping plan.

Follow these basic landscaping rules and you will be one hell of a gardener and landscaper.

Of course, there are a few gardening rules that you need to follow. For example, you need to plant everything according to recommendations (size of the whole, use of compost, etc). See Gardening tips.

Have you given enough consideration to what you really want to achieve? If not, go to our Lawn and garden decor page.

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The right plants in the right locations with the right conditions