Cordless lawn mowers

Cordless lawn mowers are the way to go
Cordless lawn mowers are the way to go

When we say cordless lawn mowers, we mean cordless electric lawn mowers, of course. In our sense, these offer the best of both worlds: they are a sustainable choice, as opposed to gas-powered lawn mowers, and they free you from that bothersome electric cord.

About cordless lawn mowers

Two things are most important when it comes to mowing lawn: the sharpness of the blade and the speed at which it turns. The sharper the blade and faster it turns, the better the results.

  • The sharpness of the blade has nothing to do with the energy used to power the mower, of course. Blades made of steel alloys typically remain sharp longer, but they still have to be sharpened now and again.
  • Many people argue that most gas-powered lawn mowers offer faster and more constant rotating speeds that cordless lawn mowers. Although this may often be true, there are cordless models on the market today that offer more than satisfactory rotation speeds. On this subject, two things are worth considering:
    • The energy stored in a cordless lawn mower’s battery declines as you mow the lawn. To ensure the battery always has enough energy to propel the blade at an acceptable speed, make sure you get a model that has more than enough autonomy in respect to the size of your yard. Choosing a model that can just barely cover the size of your yard is not a good idea. And always recharge the battery immediately after using the mower.
    • It is always a good idea to mow your lawn regularly (which doesn’t mean short), and to do it when it is dry, regardless of the type of mower you are using. Letting the grass grow too much and then mowing it too short is not good for your lawn. And when you mow wet grass, you never get as clean a cut. Moreover, wet grass is harder to cut than dry grass. So, more energy energy is required of the mower. If you happen to be using a cordless lawn mower. you may find out that your battery will not have the same autonomy, and that your blade won’t turn as fast (the sound it makes will change).

For more specific information on lawn care, visit our page on the subject.

Cord or no cord

Whether you buy a cordless lawn mower or a corded model is your choice, of course, but why suffer the hassle of watching and moving that cord all the time, when cordless lawn mowers today have gotten so efficient and affordable. The only way to be certain that you’ll never run your mower over the cord is to get rid of the cord.
It can be denied that cordless electric lawn mowers are more bulky than corded models. When using a cordless lawn mower, you are pushing around a battery that is quite large and heavy. Still, most people consider that cordless lawn mowers handle better than corded models. To know for sure what you prefer, you have to try both types.

Energy efficiency

Energy Star is a voluntary program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that promotes energy efficiency. Although lawn mowers are not eligible for the Energy Star label, there are some cordless lawn mowers that come equipped with Energy Star-rated battery chargers. These can reduce energy consumption by as much as one third compared to standard chargers. That’s worth considering when choosing cordless lawn mowers.

Which are the best lawn mowers

There is no one answer to this question. There are a number of very good lawn mowers, just as there are also bad lawn mowers on the market. Here are a few things to consider:

  • It cannot be said that gas-powered lawn mowers are better than electric lawn mowers. If you look at the list of recommended lawn mowers published by, for instance, you will see that more than two thirds are electric.
  • When you are ready to make the purchase, get expert advice. Consumer protection publications and websites are excellent sources of information. Read what they say about each model you are considering. It may be that the one with the best score is not right for you.
  • If you know people who have gotten a cordless lawn mower, ask them how they like it. Try it out, even, if you can.
  • Just like gas-powered lawn mowers, cordless electric lawn mowers come with many options. The best model for you is the one that comes with the options you need.

Why go for electric lawn mowers

According to a 2009 study from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (United States), using a gas-powered lawn mower for one hour generates as much pollution as four hours of car driving. And, according to the EPA, gas-powered lawn mowers produce an alarming amount of pollution. They estimate that around five percent of the air pollution in America can be linked to people mowing their lawn. Greenhouse gases and smog are also byproducts of this seemingly harmless activity. In 2011, the EPA started enforcing rules to bring these emissions down, but lawn mower manufacturers still have a lot of work to do to tackle this issue.

Electric lawn mowers, on the other hand, generate no emissions. One could argue that the electricity used to power electric lawn mowers may generate pollution, if it comes from a coal or gas power plant, for instance. Although that may be true, there can be no comparison in the levels of emissions generated by a gas-powered lawn mower, and the emissions generated by a power plant to generate the electricity needed to power an electric cordless lawn mower.

Of course, letting your grass grow and bit longer and reducing the number of times you mow your lawn will help reduce the pollution you generate, if you are using a gas-powered lawn mower, but the difference won’t come close to what it would be if you chose to go electric.

Another form of pollution

There is another form of pollution electric lawn mowers make less of: noise. If you are an early morning riser, even on weekends, and if mowing your lawn early is something you are likely to do, then your neighbours may thank you very much for choosing an electric lawn mower.

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