Garden furniture

Garden furniture can refer to any object that makes your garden more enjoyable and practical, be it chairs to lounge in, a barbecue, or even sculptures. Things that will help you createyour garden and that will help you enjoyyour little piece of the world even more. Mind you, your garden doesn’t have to be filled with stuff. If a couple of teak chairs is all you fancy, then so be it.

Garden furniture starts with comfortable garden chairs
Garden furniture starts with comfortable garden chairs

Top ten garden furniture list

So here is my garden furniture top ten list:

  1. Chairs of course. But how many? Do you have a large family, or many friends that you plan to invite regularly? What will you be doing in these chairs? Reading, eating, sunbathing? Metal chairs are nice, but always heavier, so harder to move around, and often less comfortable. They last very long if you take care of them well. Wood is lighter and often more comfortable, but be sure to choose the right species. Some species will rot in just a few years, while others will resist the elements for years and years. Wicker is also a popular option. Choose natural fibers, such as rattan, over plastic. Natural fibers are often more sun resistant, some are quite water resistant, and all are more comfortable. Plus, they are bio degradable.
  2. Tables are nice. They also come in a variety of materials, such as metal, wood or wicker. I personally find plastic outdoors furniture absolutely horrid, but that’s a question of taste, although few professional landscapers would recommend plastic furniture as part of a landscaping project.
  3. The barbecue is an all around favorite, although many people consider it an eye-sore. You may consider putting it somewhere where it won’t be the center of attention. Even if you go out and spend thousands of dollars on a huge and fancy barbecue, keep it out of the way.
  4. A fireplace will keep you warm in the evening. As wonderful as it can be to enjoy a nice fire in your living room, it’s even nicer outdoors, with the sounds of the night all around you. There are hundreds of models on the market, from the most simple and rustic to the most modern and sophisticated. Just make sure that your city or municipality doesn’t forbid outdoor fireplaces.
  5. It can be very useful to have an outdoor cabinet. A place where you can stow away those things that you only use outside.
  6. Naturally, since we are in a garden, pots can be a part of the decor. Both in your front yard or backyard, it can be very nice to have potted flowers. Be it terracotta pots, metal, stone or concrete vases, the variety is almost limitless. And if you live in a location where tropical plants can’t survive the winter, the nice thing is that you can bring your pots in the garage for the cold season. During these few months, your Stars of Bethlehem and Passion Flowers get the rest they need to be ready to thrive again when the summer comes back.
  7. A table reserved to do some garden work. Maybe you won’t want to do chores like potting flowers and cleaning pots on your nice garden furniture, so it may be a good idea to have a special table hidden away somewhere for such things.
  8. The sound of a fountain is especially relaxing. And please shop around before making a decision. Visit some nurseries. You may be surprised to see what they have. My nursery offers very good looking fountains that are installed by specialists and that cost barely more than the ugly ones you see all over.
  9. And what about the sound of birds signing? What joy to be able to see wildlife from up close right in your garden. Don’t forget to do what it takes to attract birds to your garden.
  10. And the icing on the cake: sculptures. Art has been known for many centuries as a form of medication for the psyche. Since this medication has no side effects, medicate yourself all you like. And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. It doesn’t have to be unique pieces by renowned artists. Once again, your local nursery may have interesting pieces that aren’t so expensive.

And bear in mind that your garden furniture should fit in with your landscaping. So don’t rush and wait until your landscaping is finished before buying anything.

Have you considered all the possibilities? There are some landscaping ideas you may not have thought of.

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