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Believe it or not, the gardening world is constantly buzzing with news. New plants, new bugs, new fertilizers. There’s always something new. Changes in weather conditions due to climate change also force people all around the globe to find new plants and new solutions to adapt to drier, wetter, colder or warmer conditions.

Gardening hub

Interesting content and pages will be added to this section on a regular basis. Please, if you feel you have interesting information to contribute, by all means, share it with us (use the ‘Leave a Reply’ section below). It may simply be a link to a Web page with interesting content, such as this one: Eight exotic annuals to add colour to your summer garden, The Telegraph. Or it may be a complete web page, such as this one: The Benefits Of Organic Gardening.

Companion planting

More and more people a re realizing that planting specific plants next to one another can be a great, completely natural way to grow healthy plants. The basic idea is simple enough: if you grow plants that a certain bug craves, grow other plants that that same bug hates right next to them. This same principle can also work against weeds, by the way. For more information on this, see the following pages:

 Seasonal news

In most of the northern hemisphere, April is a month when gardens and gardeners alike start to wake up and to think about what the coming spring and summer will bring. Especially in the northern Unites States and Canada, things are about to get quite busy. Many American universities offer very interesting information on all things related to gardening. The University of Maine, for instance, has a Web page named Maine Home Garden News — April 2015.

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