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Landscaping pictures are an excellent source of ideas. You want to open the box and give wings to your landscaping project, consider looking at landscaping pictures. It will help you choose plants, trees and flowers, but it will also help you match trees and bushes, flowers and ornaments. Below are a few ideas, but then this site is full of ideas.

The classic lawn

Most people go for what you could call the ‘Classic Lawn’. In the following landscaping pictures, grass occupies most of the space. A few trees and shrubs are placed here and there, in locations where they do not block the view of the house. Perennials and annuals complete the picture and give color and light.

Shaded yards

Shaded yards pose a big problem: many of the most popular plants are sun loving rather than shade loving plants. And trying to grow sun loving plants in the shade is a recipe for failure.

But the fact that your yard is in the shade most of the time doesn’t mean that you can’t have a nice looking yard, it merely means that you have to adapt to the situation.


Most people can’t even imagine a landscaping without flowers. Trees and shrubs bring structure, but flowers bring color and light. For sunny yards, you have thousands and thousands of flowers to choose from.

For shaded yards, the choice is much more limited, but still there are some very interesting flowers on the market today. If you do have a shaded yard, consider the fact that color will make your yard stand out and seem less dark.

Stone steps and paths

Stone paths and steps can be practical, but they can also make your yard seem more inviting.


As a finishing touch, consider adding planters filled with flowers.

Landscaping a slope

Maybe there is a slope on the yard around your house and you are wondering what you could do to make it look as good as possible. You may consider a retaining wall or a flower bed.

This slideshow shows a few landscaping pictures giving you an idea how all that that may look.


Well landscaped slope
Well landscaped slope

Other ideas

The sky is the limit, you could say, but don’t lose track of your budget and also consider your willingness to take care of your creation. Here are just a couple of things you might not have considered.

You have only a very small yard and are wondering how to landscape that small space available, there are still a number of very interesting things you may do. And the good thing is that it may cost you less.

I encourage you to look everywhere for landscaping pictures and styles. They can be found in magazines and on the Internet. You should also look at what’s in your neighbors’ yards or at your local botanical garden. Gathering ideas is the best way to start a landscaping project. But do come back to the home of the Sensible Gardener for important advice on how to do everything to actually create your own landscaping project.

Other landscaping pictures

Below are a few landscaping images found on the Web. They were taken by other garden and plant enthusiasts, and we hope you will enjoy them.


Have you given enough consideration to what you really want to achieve? If not, go to our Lawn and garden decor page.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such wonderful landscape pictures and creative landscape give your front yard a beautiful look and fresh environment.

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