Landscaping your yard

Climbing Hydrangeas (center) are Eye Catchers
Climbing Hydrangeas (center) are Eye Catchers

You’ve thought about landscaping your yard for a while and you have a few ideas. You’ve considered styles and looked at pictures and you’ve even drawn a landscaping plan that will help you choose the right trees, bushes and plants. You may simply keep that plan as a reference and use it when you’re considering a plant for a given location. Better yet, keep working on your landscaping plan. Use it as a reference for your whole project. Mark down the names of each plant in pencil. Your plan will most likely change a few times before you’ve finished landscaping your yard.

And you may go to the nursery only to find out that they don’t have what you want, or that they have trees and plants that you hadn’t thought of and that you really like. In the case of larger bushes and trees, draw the shape and size they’ll have when mature. You should know that a permit is required in some cities and municipalities and that a landscaping plan must be presented in order to get the permit.

Before you can actually begin, you must start by imagining and putting together what you want to include in your landscaping: a tree here, bushes here and there, a small Alpine garden in this corner and so on and so forth. Brainstorm for new landscaping ideas.

Wise managers like to say that “Those design flaws you find and fix before your product goes into production cost you at least ten times less than those you find and fix afterwards.” So they prefer to spend all the time required in the conception and design phase, since they know what will show up then will save them a lot of money in the long run. You should take example from them. The better your landscaping plan, the more time, money and effort you will save.

Points to Consider Before You Start Landscaping Your Yard

Consider the fact that different rules and different strategies are recommended for different situations. What may be really good for a big yard may be really bad for a small yard, and what is great in a backyard may be awful in a front yard. Maybe your yard has a big slope. Maybe you only want to start with a basic landscaping plan. In any case, it is always helpful to know a few landscaping tips and landscaping design rules. These will be especially useful if you plan to do it all yourself.

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