Managing water

Water is a precious resource and managing water responsibly is very important. With many regions suffering from drought conditions, nobody want to waste water.

Using fungi to help new plants

What are the two most important factors that will help a plant thrive in its new home? Water and food. As we said, the “move” can be a traumatic experience for most plants. But plants that get enough water and food in their new location have far better chances of making it.

Specific fungi have a symbiotic relationship with plants, meaning that they get something from the plant and they give something back. They get sugar from the plant’s roots, and they help the roots grow, which means the plant can get more water and nutrients out of the soil. These fungi are known as mycorrhizae.

This not something new, it’s been happening naturally in the soil for ages. What is new, is that you can now buy mycorrhizae from the store and use it to pimp your plants’ roots. Mycorrhizae are commercialized by various companies, such as Premier Tech Biotechnologies™ and BioOrganics™.

Bear in mind that the fungi need sugar from the plants’ roots to survive, so if you do use mycorrhizae, make sure they come in direct contact with the roots. A good way to do this is to spread a layer of fungi directly over the damp bare roots or the plant ball.

For detailed information on how mycorrhiza can help plants grow, see the following document.

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