Sensible Gardening

What is sensible gardening? First and foremost, it is gardening that makes sense. Gardening based on actions and projects that are well thought through and that answer to rules that guarantee the best results. But it is also gardening for the senses, because gardening brings beauty and peace of mind, and that’s good for the senses and the soul.

Basic rules of sensible gardening

The right plants in the right locations with the right conditions

Most projects that fail are in fact doomed from the start. To succeed, you must start on the right track. There are a few simple aspects to consider before you start doing anything. Here is a list of things to keep in mind as you start to envision your project:

Adding value to your home

Many people make a big mistake when they build or renovate a house. They put all their money on the house and keep almost nothing for the landscaping. What’s funny is that most people don’t like a house sitting in the middle of a naked yard. And a grass lawn with nothing but a single tree is not considered landscaping. Most men and almost all women say that a beautiful landscaping is almost always the first thing that catches their eye when they look at a property. So if you want your property to attract attention and be more desirable, landscaping is a must.

And a well-designed house landscaping can not only add more beauty to a home, it can also hide those little things which aren’t so attractive.

Creating small habitats

With cities and suburbs growing relentlessly as they are, doesn’t it feel good to create your own little bosky bower? A small island of nature of your own. And when thousands and millions of people create their own little habitats, it creates a large habitat, one in which humans and animals alike feel grounded and secure.

Of course, this can’t make up for lost habitats around the globe, but it does make our cities and suburbs so much more enjoyable. And every plant you include in your house landscaping absorbs some of the sun’s energy and produces oxygen, making our neighborhoods cooler and the air we breathe fresher.

Making choices

A good house landscaping project, big or small, requires good preparation. Making the right choices ensures success, but it also saves you a lot of time, money and frustration. Even if your project is limited in scope, you need to plan everything in advance, and you need to have some knowledge of landscaping and botany.

A badly planned and executed landscaping project can turn into a nightmare. A project that goes smoothly and that is crowned with success is not the result of magic. Magical thinking in the garden often ends in dead plants. If taste and subjectivity have their place in landscaping and gardening, whimsical planning and execution often lead to disaster. The right choices have to be made based on actual conditions. First, you need to put the right plant in the right place. This ensures optimal growth and looks. It will also create an environment that will bring you enjoyment, as well as showcase your home.

And you can’t always rely on your friendly landscaper. It’s no secret that some of them do the same house landscaping for all their clients regardless of their tastes or needs. And there are those who charge big money to fill your yard with a bunch of the cheapest plants they can find. It may sometimes look good, but it may not be what you want. Finally, a number of them will use mostly annuals, so as to ensure a steady client base year after year. So, as you see, you do have to know a few things about gardening and landscaping even if you plan to hire a landscaper.

The Sensible Gardener is loaded with all the practical information you need to successfully create your new house landscaping, whether you want to do it all yourself, or whether you just want to be more knowledgable when you plan everything with your landscaper.

The secret to being a successful gardener is knowledge…

To carry out successful plan, you need to observe, to use your creative as well as your practical mind, to carefully select plants and to make sure each one is planted in a way that will ensure optimal growth over time. In other words, you need good advice and sound knowledge.

The sensible gardener can help you…

As an informed gardener, you will be able to make enlightened decisions, to make choices that truly correspond to what you want, and to be efficient and successful.

If you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t need to know anything – I’ll hire someone to do it.” Then, think again. If you are well informed, you will be better able to discuss various aspects of your new landscaping with your landscaper. And, as an informed customer, you may very well get more for your money.

Location, location, location…

A beautiful landscape is one filled with healthy plants. And what are the three most important factors to consider if you want to have healthy plants? Location, location and location.

12 thoughts on “Sensible Gardening”

  1. I have got a lot of dead grass,it started dying last year.I have noticed a lot of very small mounds of dirt all over the dead lawn,what is the cause?

    1. Hi,
      Sorry, but you give too little information. Consider taking a few pictures of the problem and visiting your local botanical garden. Looking at your pictures, they may have a good idea of what your problem is. Good luck.

  2. You’re so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn anything like this before. So nice to search out somebody with some authentic thoughts on this subject. Really, thank you for beginning this up. This website is one thing that’s wanted on the internet, somebody with a bit originality. Useful job for bringing one thing new to the internet!

      1. Hi just moved house an now with all this rain the garden slopes towards house. So water lays on top in areas. Back of Garage is 3inches of water down pipe into water butt only an overflows hence water . The property has a combined system into sewers found out I pay a surcharge so would I be able to run new pipe work from garage or do i need permission

        1. Hi,
          It’s always important to ask for written permission. Otherwise, you may end up having to undo your work and pay a fine. Keep on trying to get help form your local authorities. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Try various levels. If your town won’t help, try your state. Good luck.

  3. this is a great website. i found the answer to my lawn problem immediately and stayed to read up on other subjects. thanks so much

  4. Hi mate. Ive got a lt out of your clay planting tips. But wonder – is there a way to subscribe for email updates on your posts please?

  5. Hi,

    My house has a walkout basement . As soon as you step out of the patio door, lawn is dead. (muddy). I have a deck above it too.. I am planning to install patio stone pavers so as to get out of the sight of the wet ground. Will this help or I have a more serious problem with the drainage. What should I do first.

    1. Hi,
      Am I right to understand that you have part of your lawn that is below a structure that blocks the sun and air flow? If that’s so, then it’s no wonder the grass is not looking good there. Pavers could make things look better. You need to prepare the area well before installing the pavers. As it says on our page on gravel base patios, be sure to use materials that drain well under the pavers. Otherwise they may remain wet when it rains and they may become uneven.

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The right plants in the right locations with the right conditions