Small sun shrubs

Small sun shrubs are deciduous shrubs measuring up to 4 feet in height and requiring over 6 hours of sunlight per day.

Shrubs from different climate zones with different growing conditions are listed in the following table. Some may grow well in well drained soil, while others may need lots of water. Before making a final choice on any given plant, always check all its characteristics to ensure it is the right shrub for the right place.

Note that those small sun shrubs that have a star next to their common name may have an invasive tendency.

Scientific name Common name
Abeliax grandiflora Glossy Abelia
Andromedapolifolia Bog-rosemary
Aroniamelanocarpa Black Chokeberry
Berberiscandidula Paleleaf Barberry
Buxusmicrophylla Littleleaf Box
Callunavulgaris Scotch Heather
Caraganapygmaea Chinese Peashrub
Caryopterisx clandonensis Blue-mist Shrub
Ceanothusamericanus New Jersey Tea
Cephalanthusoccidentalis Buttonbush
Chaenomelesjaponica Japanese Floweringquince
Comptoniaperegrina Sweetfern
Cotoneasterapiculatus Cranberry Cotoneaster
Cotoneasterdammeri Bearberry Cotoneaster
Cotoneasterhorizontalis Rockspray Cotoneaster
Daphnecneorum Rose Daphne
Daphnex burkwoodii Burkwood Daphne
Daphnecaucasica Caucasian Daphne
Deutziagracilis Slender Deutzia
Diervillasessilifolia Southern Bush-honeysuckle
Ericacarnea Spring Heath
Euonymusfortunei Wintercreeper Euonymus *
Forsythiaviridissima Bronx Greenstem Forsythia
Fothergillagardenii Dwarf Fothergilla
Gaylussaciabrachycera Box Huckleberry
Genistatinctoria Common Woadwaxen
Genistapilosa Silkyleaf Woadwaxen
Hydrangeaarborescens Smooth Hydrangea
Hypericumprolificum Shrubby St. Johnswort
Hypericumdensiflorum Dense Hypericum
Hypericumfrondosum Golden St. Johnswort
Ilexcrenata Japanese Holly
Ilexglabra Inkberry
Ledumgroenlandicum Labrador Tea
Leiophyllumbuxifolium Box Sandmyrtle
Myricagale Sweetgale
Neviusiaalabamensis Alabama Snow-wreath
Paxistimacanbyi Canby Paxistima
Pierisfloribunda Mountain Pieris
Potentillafruticosa Bush Cinquefoil
Rhododendroncanadense Rhodora
Rhododendroncarolinianum Carolina Rhododendron
Rhododendrondauricum Dahurian Rhododendron
Rhododendronkeiskei Keisk Rhododendron
Rhododendronmucronulatum Korean Rhododendron
Rhododendronx laetevirens Wilson Rhododendron
Rhododendronyakusimanum Yaku Rhododendron
Rhododendronyedoense poukhanense Korean Azalea
Rhododendronviscosum Swamp Azalea
Rhododendronpericlymenoides Pinxterbloom Azalea
Rhododendronatlanticum Coast Azalea
Rhododendronbakeri Cumberland Azalea
Rhododendronhybrids Evergreen Azalea
Rhododendronprinophyllum Roseshell Azalea
Rhodotyposscandens Black Jetbead
Rhusaromatica Fragrant Sumac
Ribesalpinum Alpine Currant
Robiniahispida Bristly Locust
Rosamultiflora Japanese Rose
Rosavirginiana Virginia Rose
Spiraeax bumalda Bumald Spirea
Spiraeajaponica Japanese Spirea
Spiraeanipponica Snowmound Nippon Spirea
Stephandraincisa Cutleaf Stephandra
Symphoricarposalbus Common Snowberry
Symphoricarposorbiculatus Indiancurrant Coralberry
Syringapatula ‘Miss Kim’ Miss Kim Manchurian Lilac
Vacciniumangustifolium Lowbush Blueberry
Vacciniummacrocarpon American Cranberry
Vacciniumvitis idaea Lingonberry
Viburnumacerifolium Mapleleaf Viburnum
Weigelamiddendorffiana Middendorf Weigela
Weigela’Carnival’ Carnival Weigela
Xanthorhizasimplicissima Yellowroot
Yucca Yucca
Zenobiapulverenta Dusty Zenobia
Daphnemezureum February Daphne

For larger spaces, consider medium sun shrubs or large sun shrubs. For information on plants that grow in shady locations, visit our Shade plants page.

Have you considered all the options available to you? If not, then have a look at our Landscaping plants page.

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