Wet shade plants

Balsam firs grow well in moist, well drained soils

Wet shade plants can grow in wet spots where the sun rarely shines. Since these are extremely difficult conditions, choices are very limited. Some wet shade plants do well with almost no direct sunlight, while others need a fair amount of direct sunlight, so you should always check the characteristics proper to each plant before making your choice. You should also know that one hour of sun when the sun is high in the sky is worth much more than the same period of time in the early morning or late afternoon.

Also note that each list includes plants from different climate zones, so you should also make sure each plant’s climate zone corresponds to your local conditions.

Go through the pages listed below and make up a short list of plants. Then ask knowledgeable nursery employees about the plants on your short list. Always bear in mind that they may tell you to forget about specific plants merely because they don’t have them. Horticulturists from your local botanical garden are also a good source of information.

For more information on gardening on wet soils, visit the Royal Horticultural society’s page on the subject.

Have you considered all the options available to you? If not, then have a look at our Landscaping plants page.

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